Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Saturday 7 November 2020

Slow Stitching

 I gave in this past week and started a new sweater. Is anyone surprised? Somehow I doubt it. And no, I haven’t finished Abbie’s Paw Patrol sweater. I did get the shoulder seams sewn, if that counts as progress. After I did that I tried it on her and it seems to be long enough, so I can go ahead and get the rest of the seams sewn. Then I need to pick up stitches to do a button band and also do the duplicate stitches for the figure of Skye that she wants. I think I need to start alternating projects again so that it will get finished. I’m also going to try and sew the side seams and the arm seams using the stretch stitch and walking foot on my sewing machine. 

So the sweater I started is by the designer Casapinka and it is called The Night Forest. I am totally enjoying this one. I love doing colour work like this.

I’ve also finished up the 3 little stitcheries for the third month of the BOM Noah’s Journey, just in time for the release of this month’s pattern. I traced out this month’s release on Saturday and got a start on the colouring. Another day should finish that portion of the process. 

Not much else to tell about what’s happening here. I’ll post this and link up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. Pretty start on your sweater. Glad to hear A's sweater is going to fit. What animals are you stitching for Noah's ark this month?

  2. Lovely work on your sweater. Love seeing Noah's Ark progress!

  3. Oh those turtles are soooo darn cute... all of them are darling!
    And that sweater is very complex... glad you are enjoying your projects!

  4. Oh wow, Night Forest is amazing. Fabulous colours!

  5. I adore your stitchings, lovely blocks.


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