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Saturday 18 July 2020

Rainbow Slow Stitching

I’m doing 2 hand stitching projects at the moment. I’m still highly focused on the embroidery. But I’m also doing a rainbow project. I’m not following along with the colour of the month but am taking it row by row in the order of the rainbow colours. I’ve done the red and the orange rows and am now working on cutting and putting together the yellows. I’m using the colour as the focus, in this case yellow and it’s opposite colour as the background, which is purple. The yellows will go from bright yellow to golds and perhaps even down to browns. I’ll decide as I go whether it needs the deeper browns or not. This is what I’ve got so far.

 I’ve cut more purples since I didn’t have enough.
I am loving this embroidery project. 

It has different stitches for different areas. Satin stitches and french knots for the Queen Anne’s Lace. 

 Button hole stitches and tiny chain stitches for the poppies. 

I’m not exactly sure what this will be when it is finished. But that’s OK because I am enjoying the process. It will let me know what it wants to be when it is done. 
I’m linking up to Soscrappy Rainbow saturday and also to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching


  1. Such a pretty embroidery piece, will be fun to know what it wants to be at the finish!

  2. I spy some tiny bits of Dark BLUE in that embroidery. You can totally count that as being in step with the RSC!!

  3. Your embroidery piece is coming along nicely, I love the variety of stitches in the design.

  4. Gorgeous embroidery! Love seeing your progress!

  5. That is such a lovely summer project to create a stitched flower garden!
    My faves are the queen anne's lace... very pretty!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  6. Wow, there are so many different pretty stitches in that piece. Enjoy the stitching.


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