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Friday 20 January 2017

Friday night sew-in

I was reading Kathy's blog post today, and she mentioned that it was Friday night sew-in day. I have not participated in one of these in years! But my plans today were to spend most of the day sewing. I have a commission quilt I need to work on, so today was a day I set aside to work on it. It’s a free design called Bravo Indigo. I’m making it from Kona cottons. Here’s what I have so far.
There are 12 of the gold/snow triangle squares, which is all I need of those. And I have 23 pepper/snow triangle squares. I need a total of 78. That’s my goal for today. If I get more than that done, fabulous, but I’ll be content with that. I’ll update this post at the end of the evening with what was actually accomplished. So, I’ll sigh up to the Friday Night Sew In and then get to work.

Edit: As of 7pm, I have all 78 of the large pepper/snow triangles done. These finish at 6 inches.
I’m going to keep going and get started at least cutting for the next unit.


  1. I did some elephant sewing this afternoon. Maybe I will make a couple more tonight. Only 9 more to make!

  2. That is a lovely quilt pattern. I haven't stitched anything since the beginning of the year (traveling).

  3. It is nice to be able to make an early start on FNSI. Good progress was made.

  4. It's great if you can get an early start for FNSI...
    Well done..


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