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Sunday 6 January 2013

Stash Report, Week 1, 2013

Well, I managed a teeny bit if sewing yesterday. I did up 2 Grandmother's Choice blocks. I have 2 more to do, and then I'll be all caught up, which is one of my January goals. I'm going to change the way I report stash this year. Instead of doing portions of yards, if I've used less than a yard, I'll do inches instead. I'm still going to count as the fabric as used when it is cut for use in a specific quilt, except in the case of my leader and ended projects, which I will count when the tops are ready to assemble.I've been allowing 2 inches of fabric for each of the Grandmother's Choice blocks, some take more and some less, so I've decided on 2 inches as a guideline.

Used this week:                                      4 inches
Used this year:                                        4 inches
Added this week:                                    0
Added this year:                                     0

Once we get moved into our new place, those added numbers are going to skyrocket. There is a box from Thousands of Bolts already over there, waiting to be unpacked, and there is a package on its way from the Fat Quarter shop. Personally, I think I'm exercising remarkable restraint in not opening them now. LOL! I'm going to link this post up with Judy's Patchwork Times, and then I'm going to see if I can get another block made before heading in to work this afternoon.


  1. I signed up with a group on Yahoo called Stashbusters - they encourage the use of what you already have, and have challenges that reward your use of stash. That said, I also have a rather large order on it's way from the Fat Quarter shop.... promise that you won't tattle on me please!

  2. Wow -- inches?!? I don't think I'm *that* disciplined! LOL! :)


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