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Monday 27 December 2010

Design Wall Monday Dec 27

Most everyone's post that I have read today, has expressed the same thing I am feeling, how is it possible that it is the last Monday of the year. How is it possible that 2010 is almost over. I have enjoyed participating in the design wall Mondays, since I started, and find that it gives me motivation to get at least something small done, and often a whole lot more than that. Today is one of the small days. I have one of my 100 block challenge blocks done, and one more to go to make sure I keep up to date. The last one is all cut out, but it has curved seams, and I don't seem to have the patience to do the curved seams.

We had a great Christmas up in Collingwood with our children, and Laurie's grandmother was there as well. She's a sweet lady. Some of my quilts and other crafty stuff from the past year found new homes at Christmas. Here are 6 pictures of the different hand made gifts.

This is the One block Wonder that I did earlier this year. It went to live at Noel and Laurie's

This is a kit that I ordered from Keepsake Quilter. Matt and Becca are both outdoors type people, and Matt has a thing for moose sightings, so this was a perfect quilt to go and live at their house.

This is a wreath that I made up for Matt and Becca. It used the bells that we had on the tables for their wedding. I added some red and green bells, just to give it colour

These are some little 5 inch stockings that I did up for Noel and Laurie to put on their Christmas tree. They always get a huge tree, since they have a cathedral ceiling in their living room, 12 feet tall, at least.
These are some mini pocket warmers. They have 1/2 cup of rice in each. A pair of pocket warmers  go into the microwave for 30 seconds, and then get tucked into pockets to keep hands warm. I found the idea here each of the kids got a pair.

This is a table runner for Noel and Laurie, also from a kits from Keepsake quilts. It had an interesting way of doing the applique. The shapes were cut out from the gold fabric, while reserving the parts of the gold fabric that the shapes were cut from, giving a positive and negative effect


  1. Love the center of your block! That one was so fast and fun! You will do fine with your curved piecing! Just sew slow. Your gifts are all fabulous! Love the wreath story.

  2. I LOVE the one block wonder quilt, gorgeous. You do beautiful work.

  3. Cathy, I cried when I read the first two sentences of your post! LOL -- I'm so hormonal. But seriously, you're right -- where did 2010 GO??? It's flown by so quickly. I'd like a do-over! Haha -- I know you don't -- you're ready for 2011 and a grandbaby!! :)

    All your projects look great! I'm blessed to know you, such a talented lady and friend!! Hugs! :)

  4. I'm behind with design wall Mondays readings. You made some terrific gifts. Your block is great too. I just finished sewing the Nouveau Riche block and the units are pretty easy to sew. Just use the blunt ends to line up the edges prior to sewing.

  5. I just took the time to look at your blocks. They all look great and you are doing a good job keeping up with the challenge. Keep up the good work. Sarah


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