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Sunday 30 March 2014

Stash Report, Week 13, 2014

My stash usage numbers have taken a bit of a hit this week. Back on Wednesday, we, that is my husband, son and I, took a trip out to Woodstock to visit a printer who is going to print some of our son's photography for him, for a display in a gallery, with hope for some sales for him. The printers reaction to his photography was "this is great stuff. Why don't I know about you?" (Insert proud mama smiles here). We are hoping to head back out there this week to pick up the finished product. (Insert more proud and excited mama smiles here) While we were out there, we had to stop in to a near by quilt shop, Country Patchworks, where I dropped off some advertising book marks for our quilt show in October, and of course, I couldn't
come out without buying something. Five fat
 quarters came home with me. I grabbed the
red one, just because it grabbed me, and the
greens, because my supply of green for applique
and piecing is getting low.

 And then yesterday,  I had the great pleasure of going on a road trip with a great group of ladies. Karen, Christine, Gail and I headed off for a day of quilt shop hopping and lunching and having tea and desserts. And along the way, there was also a stop to see some model trains. Gail's husband is a member of a model train club. Well, let me tell you, our fabric stashes have nothing on these men. It was held in one of those steel buildings that are found on some farms. The number of trains and cars and assorted accessories to go with it was astounding. Gail wrote a post about our day trip here, including some pictures of the trains. She was in charge of documenting the day, complete with photographic evidence.

So, my purchases yesterday were some yardage for borders for In Full Bloom, which I showed here. I only have the middle block to finish, and then this one can go together and get quilted. The pink and the dark grey batiks are the borders for it. And the fat quarters are additions to my collection of light neutrals and the collection of grey/red/yellow that is one day going to be a Lady of the Lake quilt. I probably have enough to start it any time now, but I am on a self imposed strict non-starting anything new until various other projects are finished. So, the numbers:

Used this week:                                           2.5 yards
Used this year:                                          30.7 yards
Added this week:                                      10.5 yards
Added this year:                                         25 yards
Balance:                                                     5.7 more yards out than in.
Not bad, I'm still in the black. But I'd better get busy and get something done this week, because there are five more yards of really fun Thomas the Tank Engine fabrics coming from the Fat Quarter Shop for birthday gifts for our grandson Avery. Thomas is his favourite toy, so I'm going to make him some pillow cases and some pajamas. I'm linking up with Judy's Stash Report.
 And then it just might be time to clean up this mess in my sewing area.   
I can't get near my sewing machine, or my cutting table. Maybe if I put on some music, and assign myself to work at it for the length of an album, I can get some of it tidied away. It has rather gotten to the point where I don't even know where to begin. Maybe some Michael Card will help to sooth this savage beast of a mess.


  1. You added some beautiful fabrics this week. The pink batik is gorgeous.
    Have fun playing with the Thomas fabrics.

  2. I love batiks ... you done *good* this past week, my friend!! I know what you mean about not knowing where to start. I get that way REAL quick in the bunk room!! :)


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