Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sunset over Lake Huron

We are taking advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend and have headed out with the trailer for 3 or 4 days of rest and  relaxation. There was a lovely sunset over the lake tonight, although my iPhone doesn't even begin to capture it. 
We went for a long wall this afternoon through the park. The leaves are just beginning to turn colour.  And now, there is a campfire going and the crickets are singing. Ah bliss.....

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Charlene's Grandmother's Flower Garden

This is Charlene's Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt. I had never done one of these before, and I must confess to be very nervous about doing it. Charlene is always very trusting about what I do to her quilts. For this one, she said "do something to keep the feel of the time period of the pattern and fabrics", or something to that effect. Of course, my first thought  was feathers.... I love doing feathers, and they seem to fit in most quilts, and most time periods.
I had just received a new ruler in the weeks before doing this, for doing gently curved arcs on the long arm, and I thought this would be a good time to try it out. It's actually a curved cross hatching ruler, but I didn't think curved cross hatching would fit here, but piano key quilting would. And then feathers got added to the border, using the curve as their spine. Feathers in the flowers seemed a good idea, but what to do with the pathways....... continuous curves to tie it all together. I am so very happy with the way this turned out, after all the nervousness about starting it.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What I'm working on today......

Binding, tons and tons of binding, or rather, yards and yards of binding, is being attached to this quilt today. This is a picture of my quilt as it builds up on the wall behind my sewing machine. I have the binding already attached to the wrong side of the quilt. Then, I had to turn the whole thing around and start stitching in the ditch between the striped binding fabric and the light grey faux piping fabric. I managed to get almost 2 sides stitched to the front, but then decided it was time to give my neck and shoulders a break and get some supper. I'm hoping to get this done tonight, at which point I can add another finish to my list. Woohoo!! Once it's done, I'll get it spread out somewhere and get a picture of the whole thing.
I'm going to link up to The Needle and Thread Network, relax for a few minutes with my coffee and the posts for today. Then it's back to the binding.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Gail's Scrappy Mountains

This is Gail's Scrappy Mountains, a Bonnie Hunter free pattern. It's one that is most certainly on my seemingly never ending want-to-do list. The picture here of the whole quilt does not really do the richness of the colours full justice.
The colours  show up much better in this picture, as does the Oak Leaf and Acorn quilting design. The fabrics in this quilt are so much fun. There's sunflowers, and lettuce and pumpkins and green beans, and that's just in the dark fabrics. Knowing Gail, there are lot more fun fabrics in the lights, too. And, If I hadn't fallen so far behind in my blogging about customer quilts, I would have been able to remember what some of them were. This one was done back in May, and I think I remember that it was destined to be a wedding gift. I love being able to quilt with other people's stash fabrics, without actually having to buy them. It's like being able to take stash fabrics out on loan, and then give them back again. And the even bigger bonus, for those of us counting our stash numbers........ I don't have to count them in. ;-)

Monday, 22 September 2014

Design Lawn Monday, Sept. 22, 2014

 I've spread my current project out on the lawn, so I can get a good picture of it, spread right out, in good light. Currently, it is measuring 71 inches square, ot at least it will once I get the blue border on the other two sides. I am really enjoying the churn dashes and friendship stars that show up here. I am thinking of using up some of my abundant 2 inch strips, and making a wide piano key border. I want this one to be fairly large, to cover us up during those crisp outdoors nights.
 I think I am going to name this quilt "Camp Out", for fairly obvious reasons. There are tents and trailers and campers on the blue fabric in the top. And then, I have this marvelously soft and cozy and warm flannel, covered in trailers, for the back.

 I'm going to use a thicker batt than usual when quilting it, and it will be perfect to take camping with us next year. 
I'm linking up to Judy's Design Wall Monday.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Stash report, week 38, 2014

If I'm not back into positive numbers, I should be awfully close. I did a lot of cutting and piecing on a UFO that ate up some stash, and I also made another quilt back, for another UFO. Slowly, they are getting done. However, if I do end up back in positives, it won't last long, because I ordered in some more diagonal striped fabrics for bindings, since I love the look of them, so much.

Used this week:                         6.3 yards
Used this year:                          88 yards
Added this week:                       0 yards
Added this year:                       91.5 yards
Net added:                                3.5 yards

Oh well, still not back to net used numbers, but since I only do this out of curiosity, I'm not stressing about it too much. I haven't set goals to use so much or only buy so much, I just find it fun to see how much comes in and goes out  over the coarse of a year. I do know I've bought a lot less this year than other years, but that's mostly due to a decrease in cash available to spend on fabric, and some of what I would have used for fabric in other years, has gone on some of that lovely wool I've been knitting with this year.
This is what the backing was for. It's a quilt 
 called Summer Rental, a pattern by Miss Rosie's Quilt co. It's been hanging in my studio since Nov. 2011, according to past blog posts. It is totally different than a lot of quilts I've done lately, so I thought I'd load it and see if I can get it done in time for the quilt show. Tomorrow should finish it.
I've decided that this afternoon is a play afternoon. I'm going to work on the Nine Patch Churn Dash and see if I can't get it all put together.
I'm linking up to Judy's Stash Report.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Maria's Bunny Quilt

This is Maria's Baby Bunny quilt. The fabrics in this one were so very very soft, a lovely high quality flannel cotton. I had a lot of fun on this little quilt doing different stuff in the borders.
Maria wanted the Animal Crackers pantograph in the centre of the quilt, and hearts in the borders, and I was very happy to oblige. The reversing hearts motif in the gold and blue borders is the same as the motif in the bunny fabric border, just re sized. It's one of my favourite border designs to do. It's quite versatile. It will be a very blessed baby that gets to be wrapped up in this lovely softness.