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Sunday 23 March 2014

Stash Report, Week 12, 2014

I have spent all day today working on a challenge piece for the guild. The theme for the challenge is "A Road Runs Through It...." I can't show any pictures of it, because it's a secret, but I've had so much fun working on it today! I can count the fabric for it next week, but that's as public as I can go, until after the May meeting. However, it's getting late, and my eyes are going rather buggy, so it's time to quit for the day. Apart from this, the only quilting behaviour going on here on my own quilts that has used any stash, has been sewing hanging sleeves onto the backs of quilts for a quilt show in Sheddon in the middle of April, and my 2 aqua rainbow challenge blocks yesterday.

Used this week:                                  .9 yards
Used this year:                                28.2 yards
Added this week:                                    0 yards
Added this year:                              14.5 yards
Stash Reduced by:                             13.7 yards

These numbers could be changing this coming week. I've heard talk of a road trip to some fabric shops next Saturday. I have border to pick up for one of the quilts on my UFO list. Whether I'll bee disciplined enough to only pick up that border fabric, and nothing else, remains to be seen.
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  1. Can't wait to see your secret work! I finally got my thread and needles out today to start hand quilting again starting tomorrow. It has been well over a year! hugs~

  2. Aren't challenges fun??! I can't wait to see your project!!! :)


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