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Friday 24 January 2014

On the Needles, Jan. 24, 2014

I still have the Pinery sweater on my needles. It has grown some more, and is about 5 rows away from the body of the sweater being done. Then I can move on to doing the neckline and the sleeves. I still love it.
This has been a thoroughly enjoyable knit, and I'm so excited that it getting closer to being done. Tonight should see the cast off of the body of the sweater, and I can try it on and see how it looks, so far.
I'm linking up to Judy's On the Needles. There are lots of other knitting projects to see over there. Always full of inspiration, and sometimes more than a little temptation for further projects.


  1. It's looking good, Cathy!! I think I'll start on a scarf for myself tonight, just to keep you company! :)

  2. Your sweater is going to be gorgeous. Love the cables. Looking forward to seeing the finish!


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