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Sunday 14 August 2011

Stash Report Week 33

I'm not doing too terribly well with blog posts lately, it seems. Sunday Stash report, and monday design walls, and that's it. My long six week stretch of lots of shifts at work is coming to an end. The work, now that I'm on only one unit, is quite heavy. It is an Alzeimer's unit for WW2 and Korean Vets. They are all beyond being able to do anything for themselves, and require total care. A lot of them have no idea who they are, or who the nurses  are, and are unable to understand what is happening to them. Consequently, when we attempt to look after them, they don't understand why we are trying to dress them, or wash them, and they react badly, resisting and fighting us, and they are really strong. My poor 57 year old body is beginning to let me know that it doesn't appreciate what it is being asked to do these days. Consequently, my days off are mostly spent resting up for the next shifts. Two weeks left of it, and then, hopefully, I can get back into doing more of the sewing and quilting. The fabric that I ordered a couple of weeks ago from the Fat Quarter Shop arrived on Friday, and it is every bit as lovely in person as it was in the pictures. I have a pattern already decided for it, and I can't wait to get at it, but I WILL resist. I will finish what I have already started before starting something else. I have decided, though, that the next quilt that I start will be the one using the Batman fabric I think I'm going to use the BQ pattern which stands for Big Quilt. It uses 12 inch squares of fabric, which is perfect for those fun, large scale Batman prints. Plus the added bonus that it will work up quickly. I'm looking forward to starting it, but I WILL finish the Log cabin quilt first. Now, on to the numbers:

Fabric used this week:                          0 yards
Fabric used this year:                            86.4 yards
Fabric purchased this week:                 15 yards
Fabric purchased this year:                   121.5 yards.
Balance:                                               35.1 yards more purchased than used. (yikes!)

And now, I'm off to do a little bit of sewing on my quilt, so that I will have some progress to show tomorrow for design wall monday. To see more stash reports, check out Patchwork times


  1. Thanks you so much for caring for heros.

  2. Hey, that BQ pattern is cute! Who're making the Batman quilt for? Cathy, your work is sounding very intense. I bet you're more than ready for a bit of a break. I'm grateful for you, though, that you are such a dedicated nurse ... especially for those who gave so much. Hugs! :)

  3. I can't imagine how physically, emotionally, and psychologically exhausting it must be to look after these patients. Thank you for your dedication - I have always felt that nursing is a calling not just a "job". Hopefully, you will be engergized with your quilting!

  4. That Batman quilt is going to look awesome! I love the pattern. Noel will LOVE it!


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