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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bear Tracks is finished

 It's done, finished, binding on, sleep under it finished. The last stitches on the binding went into it yesterday, and it was on the bed last night. I love sleeping under newly finished quilts, although it took the fan blowing at top speed to be able to do it in the heat of summer. LOL!! The Bear Tracks pantograph that I drew up worked really well. I wanted the quilting to stand out a bit, so I used King Tut thread, which is a bit heavier, and is a variegated cotton. The colours in the thread are mostly oranges and golds. I love this quilt, everything about it sings to me. It feels soooooo good to have it done. My Rose log Cabin quilt is stalled at the moment. We're finally putting down the laminate floor in the room that has my design wall in it, so it's a bit inaccessible. But that's OK, because I've loaded my Shakespeare in the Park back onto my machine, and am slowly working on that. With the new wheels on my machine, I'm able to do a lot more on it than before, so I'm glad I had all the thread issues with it a few months ago, and had to rip it out. And now, after I grab something cold, like a Coke, out of the fridge, I'm going to go back and do some more on it.



  1. I just love this quilt! Congratulations on a wonderful finish.

  2. Oh Cathy, I love everything about it! The design, the colours and the quilting - just wonderful!!

  3. I love this quilt! I'm a sucker for the Bear's Paw pattern anyway, and the way this pattern is put together with the 9-patch blocks make it spectacular.
    The bear paw quilting is absolutely perfect!

  4. Cathy, it's amazing! I love the quilting on your Bear Tracks -- too cute! I'm very, very impressed. You do GREAT work! Hugs and have a happy Friday! :)

  5. FAB. U. LOUS! It's gorgeous Cathy! The colors are so rich.

  6. COngrats on a great finish! Love your original quilting design for this one!


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