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Monday 30 January 2012

Design Wall Monday Jan 30

There is nothing new on my wall. I am continuing to work on getting Endless Chain finished before the end of the month. There are 5 rows sewn together and pressed, with 4 more to go. I am hoping to have this thing done by tomorrow, which means I will meet my goal of having this UFO finished in January. If I do, there will be a picture of the finished quilt on the reveal for the January UFO projects that Judy Laquidara at Patchwork Times will be hosting in a couple of days. Although, obviously, there is no way it will get quilted in that time. So it will go and join all its other friends on the growing mountain of unquilted tops. Since I have yet to come up with a plan for how to quilt it, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. And it sure won't be lonely on that mountain of quilts. Although the picture of the quilt is an older one, I do have some new, fun grandbaby pictures, of Avery eating Greek yogurt with bananas in it. He loved it. He couldn't get it fast enough. But his aim was a bit off. LOL!! He is very independant, and wants nothing to do with someone else putting that spoon in his mouth. He has to do it himself, and it sure is a whole lot of fun to watch. I'm linking up to Judy's Design wall Monday linky at Patchwork Times


  1. Avery is so adorable! That Endless Chain is looking great...

  2. Still love that quilt!
    Avery is just a punkin!

  3. Your Endless Chain is pretty, but... AVERY is DARLING!!! Oh you must have had a marvelous weekend with him!!! :)

  4. that's a lovely quilt. Would you mind posting a pix over at our new string blog, http://stringthingalong.blogspot.com? this is an unusual twist on a string quilt. check it out and I can send you a link so you can post. Let me know.


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