Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Wednesday 1 October 2014

What I'm Working On

 I've still got these two projects going, my Blooming Nine Patch and my camping quilt. I've made progress on both of them. There are more rows sewn together in this Blooming Nine Patch. The more of it I get sewn together, the better I like it.

And Camp Out now has all of its piano key borders sewn together. I just need to check on the sizing for them, and I can get them sewn on. I think they might be a bit too long. I might do some liberated style sew them on and cut to fit, if they are really way out. Camping quilts are allowed to be slightly wonky. That's a new rule..... I just made it up. My computer seems to be acting up a bit, and won't open the pages to the link ups, so I'll skip those for this week.


  1. Nice borders on the camping quilt! Great way to use up those 9 patches too.

  2. Great progress to be sure! Love the piano key border. :)

    My progress on anything has stopped for a couple of days due to illness. I'm hoping to get back to work today if I can get a little energy back up.


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