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Friday 2 November 2012

We're getting there......

We're making progress with the new apartment plans. The financing is in place, and the contracts are signed with the contractor. We meet with all the people involved on Monday to look at the space and nail down some details. The projected start date is in 3 weeks.
This is what the space looks like right now. I'm standing at the back wall when taking this picture. It's 35 feet long from where this picture is taken, down to those glass doors.  There is a bedroom to the right of those doors, and also a bathroom. I'm looking forward to posting an after picture, hopefully in a couple of months. We'll probably be moving in January.
I've decided that the chances are really good that, other than customer quilts and the 4 quilts for the grandsons, I won't be getting any other tops quilted. So then I decided today that I may as well pack up the ones that are waiting to be quilted. I had no idea I had this many. There are 16 of them, all bed sized quilts, waiting to be quilted. Yikes!! Guess what I'll be doing after we move? But then that means that there will be 16 more finished quilts to find space for, in a smaller space than we have now. Double yikes!! I think it might be time to do some quilt redistribution to some charities in our area.


  1. sounds like you'll be plenty busy! 16 quilts to quilt would make me say yikes too! :)
    I've been thinking of quilt redistributions myself, but don't get much further than that.

  2. Whooohooo!!!! It's getting close, it's getting close!!! Hahaha -- do you really think things will settle down, once y'all settle in??! ;)

  3. How exciting! And really, 16 quilts is nothing! LOL
    You are headed for some major life changes, how fabulous.


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