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Saturday 24 November 2012

Grandmother's Choice Saturday

I spent last evening, and about an hour this afternoon, working on the Grandmother's Choice block of the week. I did today's, and the ones for the past 2 weeks, as well. I'm still one block short.

The Little Red Schoolhouse. I paper pieced this one, since I really didn't want to be bothered with all the odd shaped templates.

Little Boy's Breeches. This one was a real challenge, and it took a bit of thought before deciding to paper piece this one, as well. It worked fairly well, except there was an oops where the blue pants fabric didn't come down far enough to be covered by the center square. So, I covered the oops with the red square, and then put the brown square on top of that, and appliqued them both down. Now it looks like the pants have a yoke.  I didn't do the inset corner squares, either.
 Today's square, Everybody's Favourite, was very easy and fast to do, compared to the last two.

And here they are, all together. I've been adding the sashing as I go. I'm Just adding them in the oder they come, and looking at the ones above them and beside them for colouring ideas, so that there isn't too much of the same colour in one grouping. I'm liking it, so far.I


  1. I am liking it so far too! I love the way you creatively 'saved' your block instead of trashing and starting again.

  2. GREAT save! You done good, girl!! They are looking fabulous, too. I need to sit down and just catch up. Someday! :)

  3. I like your creative save on the boys pants. Really cute. Nice blocks.

  4. Very cool idea on the breeches!
    Your blocks look great!

  5. They look great! You've inspired me to catch up on mine this week.

  6. I love the colours in this. It looks vintage!


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