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Thursday 22 November 2012

Full steam ahead....

My productive streak, started at the quilt til you wilt day on Saturday, has continued. I have 3 of Charlene's baby quilts finished.
Here's a sneak peak on one of them. The quilt itself is a collection of pastel dotted fabrics, in a turning twenty variation. But the quilting inspiration came from the border fabric. I had this owl design originally for a border treatment. I enlarged it, and laid it out as a pantograph. So very cute.
 And I've gotten a lot more done on Nate's quilt, as well.
The blocks are all done, and it is now in the process of being sewn together. Two rows are done, with 3 more to go.
And in other news, the construction, or maybe I should say deconstruction, for our new apartment has begun.
This lovely clean area of the basement has turned into this.

My head knows that it will all be wonderful when it is done, but hokey smokes, it is really hard to picture it at this point. And poor Matt, who works permanent nights, has been having to come over to our place, in order to get any sleep at all. Between large drills going in order to drill holes for new wiring, and jack hammers going on order to put in new plumbing, there was no way he would get any sleep over there at all.
The good news is that, from what we've seen and heard so far, the contractors and the people they use are really good. The supplies we've seen coming in a high quality. The people are friendly, and willing to answer all the questions we have had. It is going to be interesting to look back at all this in a couple of months and marvel at how a lovely living space emerged from so much mess.


  1. Love the owl quilting. The space is going to be great, when it is finally done. Don't rush it, it will be worth the wait.

  2. The owl quilting is really cute!!! And the star quilt is coming along very nicely :*)

  3. Cathy, Cathy -- the owl quilting is perfectly darling!!! All the work is so exciting!! You must be just beside yourself watching it take place!! :)

  4. i love the Owl quilt design you made also! Hope the construction is uneventful and timely.

  5. WOW!!!! So much to comment on.... LOVE the owl panto! I'm really liking Nate's quilt too - it's perfect for a boy, with it's bright colours and interesting block shapes. Nice to see that there's action taking place in your apartment - and it always looks bad... until suddenly, it looks exactly like what you thought it would look like!
    How's the packing going?


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