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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What I'm Working on......

The Blooming Nine Patch is next on my list to get finished into a top.The hardest part was figuring out exactly where I was in it. Ended up that I had to take down the squares that weren't sewn together yet, get the book out, and then put the squares all back up again.
I had started sewing together the top half of the quilt last night, before I re-arranged everything, and once I had the one row partly sewn together, I couldn't figure out how or where it was supposed to go. Reading the instructions is definitely a good idea! I still have some of the nine patches for the last combination of fabrics left to sew together, as well. It's a little late for doing that tonight, but maybe tomorrow? In the meantime tonight, I'll link up to the Canadian Needle and Thread Network, which has a weekly Work in Progress Wednesday. Then I think I'll work on my sweater.


  1. Your Blooming Nine Patch is going to be beautiful Cathy! It can be really hard to figure out where things if you walk away from it for a while - that happened to me too :) But these quilts sure are worth the effort!

  2. It's beautiful! Keep it up and you'll be done soon! LOVE these colors together!

  3. Cathy, I just think this quilt is exquisite! I'd enter it somewhere -- it's ribbon worthy! But, after about ten minutes, I'd be ready to work on a sweater, too!! :)

  4. I love it! It looks just like a beautiful garden!

  5. I love the blooming nine patch pattern as I have seen it made a few times over the years Beautiful!

  6. What a gorgeous quilt that is going to be. And keeping it straight that is a big accomplishment in itself.


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