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Thursday 31 January 2013

January Getting it done list

At the beginning of January, Judy at patchwork Times, challenged us to make a list if 4 things we wanted to get done during the month, and then report back at the end of the month how we did on those goals. My list was:

1. Finish December's Grandmother's Choice blocks, and keep up with January's. I managed this one, and am up to date, with the exception of last Saturday's.

2. Sort and cut up box of neutrals and whites. I started this one, but it isn't finished.

3. Sort out my piles of orphans and UFO's. This is done. The UFO's are in boxes and bins, labeled and packed and ready to be unpacked when we finally get moved.

4. Sort and cut all my boxes of coloured  scraps. This one is completely done, and then some. All my odds and ends of fat quarters are sorted and folded and put into drawers. All the odd shaped and smaller than fat quarters are now cut into strips, or into squares. Some of the squares are sorted into sets of 5 for a plus sign quilt I want to do, and some are in sets of 9 for a puzzle quilt I want to do.

So, all in all, I am really pleased with the goals I met. In the midst of all this was sorting and packing stuff, getting ready to move. It's taking a lot longer than we had hoped, due to the city not being able to make up its mind about what they will let us do for building my craft room in the garage. Poor Matt was trying to deal with them, and everyone he talked to told him something different. So we've finally given it to the builder to handle. In the meantime I've gone through the kitchen cabinets, and cleared all the clutter out. We've been painting and plastering and stripping wall paper, and generally turning our current house into a place that looks like it is in total chaos. Noel was staying with us for the past 6 weeks, and has been a fabulous help to us. He replaced our bathroom sinks. He did all the baseboards and trim around the doors of the main level of the house. He built a railing for the landing on our second floor. We are so happy with all the help he has given us. We are currently in the car, driving him back to Sudbury, where he is working in a theater, as I type this.
Once all the painting is done in the house, we'll be able to put everything back together again, and get ready for the real estate agent to take photos and get it listed.. I must say that all the chaos is playing havoc with my patience levels. What a challenge. (sigh).
I'm linking up to Judy's Getting it Done post.

For February, most of my goals involve moving. But since we still don't have a moving date, and are dependent, at the moment, on slow moving city hall, they will be rather hard to measure.

1. Complete the last of January's Grandmother's Choice, and finish all of February's.

2. Participate in Gail's sew-in date on Feb. 9th, and start one of my Newfo list on that day.

3. Get moved.

4. Get settled and unpacked.


  1. Great accomplishments. I hope February is kind to you. Your #s 3 & 4 would have me running scared. :)
    Best of luck with your move.

  2. Can't believe you found time to do any quilting with your home being prepared for sale. You did great on your goals.

  3. your doing great with all the other stuff your dealing with-my patience would be long gone I fear. I hope February is the month you get the list done-especially #3 and #4!! :)

  4. Having just moved to London, I feel your pain of city hall. I also feel the pain, literally, of a move. I promise you, it will take much longer than you anticipated; we are exhausted. I admire your ability to quilt throughout this adventure; I had to stop, but tom. I begin once again. In the meantime, I 've done lots of handwork. Best of luck.

  5. What a wonderful job you have done! I don't have moving to do and I still didn't get my 4 done. Moving is the pits. I told my husband when we bought the house we live in now that we're never going to move again! Why is it that we save all the fixing up to when we move and never get to enjoy it ourselves. I imagine that is what will happen IF we ever move again.
    Best of luck. I'm thinking happy thoughts for you.

  6. I feel tired thinking about all that work you had to do on your house to get it ready to sell...thank goodness you are past that stage! I am also amazed you've been able to work on any quilting activities!

  7. I think you did great, even with the moving looming....


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