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Sunday 26 February 2012

Stash Report Week 9, 2012

Well, by the numbers is my stash report, it would look like I hardly got anything done this past week. I worked really hard last week, but just about everything had already been counted, since I count as I cut for a project. So the only thing I have to count last week was the fabric used for the centres of my Scrappy Dresdens. The circles are all cut, and all the edges finished, except for the last 5. So I can start sewing them on today.
You'll notice, maybe, that there are a couple of new buttons on my side bar. The New York Beauty is a project I found today, that starts in March. I have always loved those blocks, and always wanted to make a quilt out of them. This just might give me the push to actually do it. I know, the last thing I need is another new project, but I'm keeping up fairly well with the ones I'm doing, so one more cant hurt....... can it? There's another one there, as well, for a String Thing along, the challenge issued in it, to have a string quilt finished by June. Considering I still haven't decided exactly what I'm doing with it, that could definitely be a challenge. I have too many ideas for it, is the problem, and can't settle down to just one. Anyway, on to the numbers.

Used this week:                                .3 yards
Used thus year:                               21.3 yards
Purchased this week:                       0 yards
Purchased this year:                        57 yards
Balance:                                          35.7 more yards in than out.

I'm linking up to Judy's Sunday Stash Report at Patchwork Times.


  1. I had some big finishes ... but they'll count towards next week, so I know what you mean!! Still, you did great this week! Although your purchase column (retirement fund) could use a little more padding! LOL! :)

  2. The New York Beauty Quilt Along looks interesting...I've always wanted to make one of those...

  3. The New York Beauty quilt-along does look sooo tempting!


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