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Monday, 24 January 2011

Design Wall Monday Week 4

Ah, Monday morning, when all is quiet. A good cup of coffee, and all kinds of design walls and quilts to look at, over at Patchwork Times while my brain clears enough to be able to think coherently. The second coffee, sitting here beside me should help. Unfortunately, I have sleep issues, and need to take medication to help it, which causes brain fog in the morning. So, it takes a while to get the engines running. But they are going now. On my wall today, and for the next few days, is the partially finished design for the setting for the 100 block challenge I need 4 more blocks before I can start putting it together.  I think it needs some more blocks that have a dark background to them, rather that the beiges or creams, so I can now plan the fabric choices of the next few accordingly. So, that is part of my plan for today, to get at least 2 more blocks done for this quilt, and maybe even more. Past that point, I haven't quite decided what I want to do, but at the moment, I'm leaning towards working on a baby quilt, based on hexagon stars, inspired by this one I have all those fun baby fabrics up there calling my name, plus there are more coming in the mail, hopefully sometime this week. Added to that, I'm going to keep on with doing 2 of the string units for RRCB, and at least 2 lengths of thread on the binding for the Card trick quilt, so that I can count it as finish #2 for the year, and as a finish for the UFO challenge for January.


  1. It looks fun! I am working on my UFO challengge quilt. It's been a bugger...I definitely know why I quit working on it before.

  2. You are so industrious! I feel like I just play at quilting, LOL!! Have a fun day -- especially if you're going to be playing in baby fabrics!! Oh the JOY! :)

  3. Wow, wow, wow, look at you go!!!
    I cannot wait to see this one finished!

  4. Fun. I love the nine patches you have added in there too.

  5. Love the setting for your 100 blocks. It's going to make an interesting quilt with traditonal, contemporary and picture blocks.

  6. I am amazed at how many of the 100 blocks you have gotten done. And they look great!


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