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Monday, 3 January 2011

Design Wall Monday Week 1

Another Monday, and more design walls to see over at Judy l.'s Patchwork Times I really enjoy her blog, and all the different things she talks about, not just quilting. I think I'd like to start doing more of that, maybe. I'm doing her UFO challenge. The number she drew this month was 6, which is my Card trick, so I went to get it and start to work on it. DO you think I could find it? I thought I had put it into a bin all it's own, so that, when its number was called, I'd know where it was. But no, it was nowhere to be found. So I then had to apply my motto, that is "when all else fails, look under something". I looked under the pile on my cutting table, I looked under the pile under my long arm. Finally, I looked under some bolts of fabric that I remember as wanting to use for this quilt, and there they were, my 12 lost Card Trick blocks. All the people, Susan being one of the few, who have seen my studio, are now laughing, and shaking their heads at the thought of the chaos it contains. Anyway, back to the quilt. I've made good progress. All the pieces are cut for the alternate blocks, and 8 of them are completely together, with 4 more partly there. I need a total of 20 alternates, and then some partial Card tricks for the outside triangles. The other thing on my wall is the beginnings of the center block of a BOM that  Erin is doing at One piece at a time for 2011, called "my Tweets", since each blocks will have birds in it. I'm anxiously awaiting the first installment, hopefully once she gets her challenge quilt finished


  1. well since blue is my favorite color I love the card tricks and the tweets applique is AMAZING- I will enjoy seeing future posts on that one.

  2. I am the queen of lost blocks (and marbles) so I am happy for you that your missing blocks are found :)

  3. Your quilt is going to be very pretty. Great fabric selection

  4. Beautiful! I'm going to have to give the card trick block a whirl.

  5. You sound just like me! I couldn't find my #6, so I had to change my UFO order around...don't tell anyone! LOL Good luck with the trickey card tricks!


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