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Sunday 25 August 2013

Stash Report week 34, 2013.

I'm currently sitting in our trailer, in a Canadian Tire parking lot, while Scott goes in to get some citronella candles for bug repelling when we get to our campsite. We're on our way to Awenda provincial park for a week's vacation. There will be lots of relaxing and lots of knitting and stitching and at least one visit with Avery. I am, once again, loving our new trailer. It is so nice to be able to pull over, and go into the trailer, and be able to access the food and the fridge, and have lunch, rather than having to spend money on eating out.
Gail had a second annual Mad About Patchwork fabric party this past Thursday evening, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the charity quilts section of her St Thomas quilting guild. I, of course, had to get some fabric, since I wanted to support that very worthy charitable cause. But I didn't go overboard. I purchased some light neutral fat quarters, and six yards of Kona white, which will very shortly have a quilt to go into.

Used this week:                                 1.2 yards
Used this year:                                 95.2 yards
Added this week:                               7.75 yards
Added this year:                              168.5 yards
Balance:                                             95.2 more yards in than out.

I'm linking up to Judy's  Stash Report and then I'm going to sit back and enjoy the lovely day and drive, while knitting on a pair of socks.

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