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Sunday 11 March 2012

Stash report Week 11, 2012

The damage that I did to my stash numbers arrived in the mail this week, so now I have to add it to the purchased column. Yikes!! That was a lot of fabric, but it's pretty, and it's fun, and I've already started to use some of it. I had a sampler in mind that I've wanted to do for a while, called Aunt Lucy's Medallion. I started cutting and piecing the center section last night, and hope to get it finished, the center, that is, today. And I used up a little bit for the New York Beauties, as well. And then, for the rest of today, I want to get the quilt Gratitude finished. I think that's a do-able list for the day.

Used this week:                       .6 yards
Used this year:                         21.9 yards
Added this week:                     27.5 yards
Added this year:                     84.5 yards
Balance:                                   62.6 yards more in than out. Definite Yikes!! Good thing I'm not trying to reach a zero balance, or anything like that, or I'd be in serious trouble. LOL!!

And now, Just because I can, and he's so cute, here's a gratuitous grandson pic, of Avery after eating blueberry pancakes and prunes. Apparently, he went right from having this picture taken, to the bath tub. I wonder if any of it actually went into him, rather than on him? Laurie posted this pic yesterday on Facebook, and I just had to grab it and share it. I'm linking up to Judy's stash report Sunday at Patchwork Times


  1. What a cute little guy!! I don't worry about getting my stash to zero - I just like to make sure I have fabric moving out instead of just always moving in :*)

  2. I totally love the messy kid face pictures. My newest will be born in the next few weeks and just cant wait to get pictures like yours again. My youngest at the moment is 7 and just does not get his face messy like that any more.


  3. What a sweet little boy - prunes, bluberries and all. Your numbers will straighten out - as long as you keep quilting it will all be fine.

  4. Haha! This was the post I was waiting for! It's okay -- I'll have one probably next Sunday. But it's well worth it, right?! Avery is SUCH a darling!! I like messy kid face pics, too -- so stinkin' fun -- and *funner* now that we're not the parents cleaning up! :)

  5. Why in the world would anyone want to get their fabric stash to zero??!! Remember, this is your retirement fund and it needs to be added to on a regular basis!


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