Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Saturday 3 March 2012

Saturday Summary

This past week has been spent primarily getting Make Your Point done. I've been doing some sewing on a new project, as well. More about that on Monday for the design wall. And, I had plans, great plans for what I was going to do yesterday. I was going to start working on some sampler blocks. I was going to do more on a new quilt I've started. I was going to load the second of Christine's quilts. And none of it happened. I hit the proverbial wall, bounced off, and landed in my comfy recliner chair, and there I stayed. My body told me to stay put, and I reluctantly listened, mostly because I have learned over the years of living with fibromyalgia, that if I don't listen, I really badly pay for it. And, since I have to work at the hospital for the next 4 evenings, I can't afford to have it get any worse.
But, the good news is, that as I was enjoying a Shrek marathon, I got a lot done on the Christmas stocking I'm working on. I must say that, when I started doing these, I had no idea how detailed they are, and how long some of the components take. That golf club he has in his hand, and over his shoulder took one full movie to make up. It has a pipe cleaner down the middle of it, so it is 3 dimensional, and bendable. But, he is soooooooo cute. I'm glad he finally has a head and face. This is really fun to do. Did I mention before that I may be hooked???
I'm going to see if my body will cooperate with a little cutting and sewing before work. If not, Mr Snowman here will be getting more done on him.


  1. I think ... maybe ... you *might* be hooked. I don't know if you'd figured that out yet or not. LOL!!! They are so darling, what's not to love, right?!?!? :)

  2. I made an earlier version of a golfing santa stocking and those golf clubs were time consuming...but so ingenious to use pipe cleaners so they have some body. I bought the newer golfing santa stocking because it has a reindeer. It doesn't take much to get me to buy a new stocking kit!
    Of course I have the golfing snowman kit too...it is addictive...but in a good way...right?

  3. Really cute and it looks like you are doing such a good job too!


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