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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

End of the year review

No matter how often I complain about how fast time is going, it never seems to slow down. How did it get to be the end of the year already? How can Christmas already be over? How can it be that this wonderful boy is on his way home again? We had such a fun time over Christmas. I was so sad to see him go, but thinking of his smiling face, happy giggle and non-stop talking keeps a smile on my face. If the weather permits, maybe we’ll see him again towards the end of January.
In the meantime, all I can do is sit here and shake my head and wonder about the fleetingness of time. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this one. Oh well......
I had big plans at the beginning of the year. I made lists and put them on the side bar of my blog. I had plans to do them and then have the fun of checking off the finishes as I went. Somehow or other, those plans fell by the wayside, being left in the dust by my obsession with La Passacaglia. It has been a year long journey filled with uncountable hours of stitching and fussy cutting fabric. I will never be able to look at fabrics the way I used to ever again. It has been wonderfully fun. But it is a very possessive and jealous project, taking up the majority of my time and quilting hours.  Consequently, I only had four quilting finishes, Texas Chain,
Blooming Nine Patch,
Plus Sign Quilt
 and Four by Four.
There was a fair bit of knitting done this year, too, spurred on by finding out that we have a grand daughter coming in the New Year. Probably very early in the New Year going by how big our daughter Becca looks at this point. These are just a couple of the things that have been knit and crochet for this baby. Crocodile Stitch Booties 
and a Baby Bear Set
I haven’t thought too much yet about quilting or knitting goals for the next year. I know I want to finish Northern Tree Line and the Large scale floral D4P Jannette and I have been swapping for the past year. I have the Baby Love  doubt;e knit blanket to finish. And I know I have curtains to make for the new baby’s room, and also some crib sheets which need to be done sooner rather than later. So, the lists on the side bar are going to remain as is for now, since the WIPs and UFOs listed haven’t changed all that much, nor have my Bucket List quilts changed. I have some rearranging of my sewing and quilting spaces that I want to do as well. Maybe I’ll get to that next week. I just wish it didn’t make such a mess in order to clean up.
My final stash numbers for the year showed a total of 87.4 yards used. It’s normally much higher than that, but that number again reflects the time gobbling obsession with La Passacaglia. I added a total of  119.7 yards during the year. A lot of that was in the form of large scale florals for the swap and fabrics good for fussy cutting and Kona solids for La Passacaglia. I have enough left of all of those for at least several more quilts. I ended up with a net stash added number of 32.3 yards. I’m thinking it would be fun to combine the large scale florals and the Kona solids into a basket quilt. And I’ve seen a gorgeous Clam Shell variation on Inklingo that would be perfect for this same large scale florals. I haven’t even thought of doing anything more than dreaming about that one. let alone adding it to a to-do list. I know I started last year saying something silly like I’d like to use up some of my scraps, which never ended up happening. I’d like to say I’ll do it this year, but with a new grandbaby coming into the house, I have no idea exactly what is going to happen. Some time in the next few weeks will be a post with an introduction to our grand daughter Abrielle. She’s due on the 12th.
So, that’s it for the past year. It’s been a good one. Happy New year to anyone who had actually stuck out reading this far!


  1. Happy New Year to you too, wonderful quilts. Four finishes are more than I have ever accomplished.
    Congratulations and off to another great year of sewing.

  2. I love your finished quilts. They are beautiful!! Your progress on La Passacaglia has been fun to follow all year. Can't wait to see what you make in 2016. Happy New Year!!

  3. I know what you mean . . . all the days and weeks of preparation and 'hype' prior to Christmas and then *bang* -- one day and it's 364 days until next Christmas. When all you want to do is savor it! Your boy is growing so quickly! And you had some lovely, happy finishes in 2015. Happy New Year, Cathy!!! :)

  4. Four beautiful quilts, Cathy - I count that a great accomplishment especially as La Passacaglia came into your life, and it is gorgeous. Looking forward to what you share in 2016. Happy New Year!

  5. Wow!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Blooming Nine Patch! And your baby items REALLY make me wish I could crochet and knit. You are one talented gal!!


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