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Thursday 18 June 2015

Tina's House Quilt

Tina made this quilt in response to a challenge from the guild she belongs to. Everyone was given a batik print, and then each person went and chose a batik that went with it and shared that fabric with the rest of the group. They each ended up with around 20 different fabrics. I believe this quilt was from a pattern in a Fons and Porter magazine.               Tina wanted custom quilting,  similar to what was in the magazine.
There are shingles on the roofs and clouds in the sky backgrounds, each square having the clouds in a different arrangement. The front top part of the houses were quilted with vertical lines and the bottom front and also the sides of the houses were done with horizontal lines. The windows got window panes. Each door on the houses were different. The grass area underneath each house received wavy grasses.
The cornerstones all got a feather type flower and the sashes received extended feather motifs.Here's a closer look.

Some of the people who were part of the challenge gathered at the beginning of June to share their quilts at the Cherished Pieces quilt shop in Tillsonburg. This was a wonderful, and challenging quilt to do. It was fun to be included in this project, even though I'm not a member of that guild. Have i mentioned recently that I love my job? I get to play with so many different quilts, without having to actually do the work of making them.


  1. What a fun way to share different batiks.

  2. Wowzer... that is intense quilting... looks fabulous!


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