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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Jacqui's Challenge Quilt

This gorgeous quilt belongs to Jacqui.  She found the pattern as a tutorial on the blog Tamarak ShackJacqui belongs to the same guild as Tina, whose house quilt I also did. For more detail about the challenge check out Jacqui's blog at Treadle Quilts. She talked about her quilt here and their reveal party for the challenge quilts here.
Jacqui's request was for the quilting to be similar to the original, but not quite as dense, because she wanted it to have some softness and drape to it for using as a couch quilt. So we decided to reverse the density of the quilting. The original was mostly pebbles in the white background, with a few swirls here and there. This one is mostly large swirls, with the pebbles filling in here and there. I love doing swirl quilting. It is fast to do, and it just flows from the needle of the machine and goes where ever the mood strikes.
This quilt actually took two passes to do. First, all the coloured triangles were done using a coloured thread, and continuous curves, with a tear drop shape thrown in to fill up the space in the triangles. Once all the triangles were done, I rewound the quilt and changed to white thread for doing the swirls and pebbles. It was intense, but so much fun!

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  1. This is just fantastic quilting and quilt.Sure she is delighted with it!


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