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Monday 22 June 2015

Sunday Reports on Monday

We were away for the weekend, visiting with our oh so cute grandson Avery. Noel came with us and we had a fabulous weekend camping and visiting. And, we seem to have beat the Shepherd camping curse........ it didn't rain!!! We had a great weekend, as I said, and Avery came out to the campsite to visit with us. He's a happy, talkative little chap, who wants to be in the centre of whatever is going on. He's at the "why" stage, and wanted to learn all he could about how to set up a trailer, chop wood, and build a campfire. 
There are three generations of men here, working to build that campfire. Oh my melting heart! And, of course, what camping trip is complete without marshmallows. However, Avery had no wish to wait for the marshmallow to be roasted over the fire. He'd rather go for a walk through the woods to the beach and eat his uncooked marshmallow at the same time. We sent him home just a tad sticky. We met up with them one last time on Sunday for a Father's day lunch. Avery had gifts for his Daddy        from Sunday school, complete with the obligatory new tie.
When we got home from camping yesterday, Matt and Becca had supper ready for us, as a Father's day treat for Scott and we all sat outside and enjoyed each other's company, talking and laughing until late in the evening. At which point, I was too tired for my brain to process everything and write up a post.
I did get quite a lot of slow stitching done in the past week, and finally finished up the third large rosette for La Passacaglia. I have one more of these big ones to do, and I think I'll do that one next. Then I'll be able to see the distributions of colours, and what will need to be added where.
I also did a lot of cutting for a project that is going to be featured for the next year, or so, on the guild's blog as a free sampler quilt, starting in September. So between that, and being able to count the fabrics in this rosette as outgoing, now that it is finished, I had a significant amount of out numbers. Not enough to bring me back into positive numbers, but that's ok.

Used this week:                                  5.6 yards
Used this year:                                 46.6 yards
Added this week:                               0 yards
Added this year:                               59.25 yards
Net stash added:                               12.65 yards


  1. Your Passacaglia block is just wonderful, what a beautiful project.

  2. What a fun camping trip! Grandies are the most fun!


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