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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Something's gotta be done.....

Yep, something absolutely has got to be done about this mess!!! I am standing at the back wall where our entry door is as I took this picture. If I had backed up any further, I'd be outside. There was a two day workshop at the guild today, making a wonderful spinning log cabin. It required three colours, and each colour needed six shades, going from light to dark. I managed the whole thing from stash, for which I am very proud of myself, by the way. However, it required massive amounts of digging and sorting and dragging fabrics out of various places, and a temporary hostile takeover of our living area, which is supposed to be fabric free. So I very quickly cleaned up after the hostile takeover, and just dumped it back here.  When I came back in the door this afternoon after the workshop finished, this is what was waiting for me. I think it is waaaayyyyy past time for some sorting and some re-organizing to be done. I'm going to re-do the drawers that hold my fat quarters and also start sorting out what scraps are hanging around according to colour. Because then, when it is time to do another of these blocks, 
and there will most certainly be more of them, I will have all my fabrics and scraps sorted according to colour, and it won't be anywhere near as hard, or as messy, to find the perfect fabrics. Oh, and the workshop..... it was done by Jennifer Houlden, who has a website at Quilts by Jen. She was excellent!! A great trunk show and presentation at the guild meeting Thursday evening, and a fabulous two day workshop. If your guild is looking for a speaker and a workshop, I would highly recommend her!! And now, much as I would love to continue to put this off longer, I really have to do something about that mess. If it gets any bigger, it will start to spill out the back door.  


  1. Oh dear....I think my sewing room looks worse than yours...We both may need an intervention before our fabric takes over the world!

  2. I can spend a couple days cleaning and organizing my sewing room, and in a half hour it looks just like your photos. I went to Staples and bought 3 more containers to help organize myself, and the room looks worse. Good luck with your organizing.

  3. Hehee! I think we are all fighting that battle! Have fun!

  4. My sewing area use to look like yours. I too finally had to get organized. Now that I am it's so much easier for me to get things done. It's not easy keeping it organized however I'm determined to. Hope it all works out for you.

  5. I know exactly how you feel my friend!! LOL

  6. I'm always so relieved to have my work space tidied up. And I always sort of dread the process of choosing fabric for a project or block, because I know it's going to need tidying again! That is a lovely, lovely block Cathy!


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