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Wednesday 2 October 2013

It's been a lovely day

 It has been a perfect day today. Bright and sunny and warm, and barely a cloud in the shy. We decided it was a perfect day to explore one of the many trails in the park. This one was fairly close to our campsite, so we were able to walk over to the trail, rather than having to get into the car.
 There are a lot of sand dunes here, which means a lot of stairs and boardwalks. I always seem to end up only getting pictures of Scott's back whenever we go out. It probably has something to do with his 6'2" compared to my 5'1". I usually have a hard time keeping up with him, so he frequently ends up in front of me.

There were mostly pine and acorn trees on this trail. The post with the information about the trail says that the black oak trees that grow here, are normally found in the Carolina's, but because of the ecology of these dunes, they grow well here at the Pinery.
After we got back from our walk, I had fully planned on setting up my sewing machine outside, in some shade, and sewing to my hearts content. However, the yellow jacket wasps had other plans for me. Those things are nasty, and there are tons of them and man are they persistent and aggressive. So my outdoor sewing plans got changed to indoor by the big window where I could see out, but they couldn't get in. I got 8 leaf blocks sewn this afternoon, and I might start putting them together later this evening.
We walked down to the beach again for the
 sunset, and it did not disappoint. Glorious, just glorious.
Then, after the sunset, we came back for a bit of a campfire and some star gazing. There are bonuses to camping at this time of year. Star gazing can happen much earlier in this evening, like at about 9 pm instead of 11.

However, it is good to come prepared for the cooler temperatures. Being a quilter has its advantages when it is chilly out by the fire, and something warm to wrap up in is required. My wonderful husband just had to get this picture of me all snuggled up in front of the fire. It looks like bright daylight, but that's just because of the flash.
The cooler temperature ended up chasing us inside, which gave me the time to sit and write this. Scott's sitting at his computer playing a railways game, and my sewing machine is there, waiting for me to come and play.


  1. That would have been a perfect day for me too, except of course, the yellow jackets. Hiking, sewing, sunset and campfire-what could be better?


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