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Monday 21 October 2013

Design Wall Monday, Oct. 21, 2013

 Today was another long day spent in the kitchen. But I had some time to sew up a few more seams on the square in square in square blocks. I think I'm up to 50 of them, and I need 70. I just ran up to the studio, taking the short cut up through the house, and Matt and Becca's hall and through the garage. It's too wet and too dark to go the outside way I normally do. But I wanted to get a picture of Great Granny with some of her border units up with her. There is going to be some of the charcoal grey fabric between the quilt and the border to bring it to a size that the pieced border will fit. And if I have enough of the grey, there will be an outer border of it as well. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some more of the body of the quilt sewn together.
These jars here are the reason I was in the kitchen all day. The last batch of salsa I made, back
in early September went over so well, that half of the jars are gone already, plus I sent a couple of the back with Noel when he went home to Sudbury after Thanksgiving weekend. So I bought some more makings, and ended up with 11 pint sized jars. Three of them are already upstairs with Matt and Becca. One thing about doing canning and cooking all day.... we certainly don't need the heat on down here. And that thing about heat rising... it definitely does. When I opened the basement door to come back down here from being up in the studio, there had to be a 10 degree difference. It was like walking into a wall. I've actually got the door open beside me, so that it can cool down a bit. Hot flashes and hot steamy kitchens, not a good combination. Ain't this time of life grand? Actually, I must say, other than the hot flashes, it is. I mentioned to Scott - who was a wonderful help with the salsa, by the way, he did all the chopping while I blanched the tomatoes - that this retirement, and being able to choose what to do and when is the most marvelous thing ever. And, on that note, I think I will choose to link up with Judy's Design Wall Monday and then go sew on some more border units.


  1. Love your square in a square blocks. That pattern is on my bucket list to make in the near future.

  2. yes I love your square in square too-just love the dark colors.
    sounds like you've got the retirement thing down!! good for you!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful. I love the way the border looks with the center.


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