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Wednesday 5 September 2012

Think Inside the Box Layout

After my design wall Monday post, when I showed this picture of the current project I'm working on, called Think Inside the Box, there were a couple of comments asking about Y seams.
 There are NO "Y" seams in this quilt. I've separated the individual triangles out a bit on the picture to the left so you can see how they go together. The big blank triangles of design wall you see there will eventually be solid triangles of the background fabric. It will visually separate out the individual boxes. The individual triangles are sewn into vertical rows, the narrow space where the design wall fabric shows through between each of the 60 degree units in this picture shows where the seams are. After all the individual units are sewn into rows, the vertical rows, shown by the wider area of design wall showing through, are sewn together. There will be spacer 60 degree triangle units sewn onto the top and bottom of the rows that will be squared off to make the straight edges. So, you see, fairly easy construction, and nothing to make anyone afraid to tackle a project like this. The hardest part is making sure that the appropriate triangles are placed in the correct place in each row, and that nothing gets turned topsy turvey. Looking at this now, I can see that I can sew the one light and two medium triangles together, and them sew the one light and the two dark triangles together, which might make the final assembly a little easier.


  1. those are great blocks-the concept is the same as the One Block Wonder quilts-no y seams
    that's my kind of assembly!!

  2. This would be a fun way to do an I-Spy quilt, don't you think? What do you do to attached the boxes together? OH! Okay -- that's the solid triangles you were talking about. Man, you've really got to be on top of your game when you're assembling this, don't you?!?! :)


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