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Sunday 2 September 2012

Stash Report and Sunday Stitchery

I've set aside posting about stockings for a while, as I can't show pics of it because I'm now working on Laurie's. But, I started a new stitchery project this past week. I have been drooling over this project since it first came out in January. It is called Promises and Borders and it is a stitchery block of the month that will eventually finish into a wall hanging. I hadn't started it earlier in the year because of wanting to focus on the Christmas stockings that I wanted to have done by this Christmas. Well, 3 out of 4 of them are done, and the 4th is about 30% done, so I figure I can start something else.
Earlier this week Denise did a post about an owl stitchery she was working on, where she was using coloured pencils to add to the stitchery, and I had an "aha" moment. So, I got out my own coloured pencils and started doing some shading into the stitched areas. I love the added depth the shading gives it. I still have a little bit of stitching left to do in the center of the orange flowers, and then I can add the textile medium over top of the coloured pencils, and I can count the stitchery on this square done, and then go on to block #2.
And now, I get to add up all the numbers from all the projects I've been working on this past week.

Used this week:                                       7.7 yards
Used this year:                                       83.7 yards
Purchased this week:                                   0 yards
Purchased this year:                            147.3 yards
Balance:                                                 63.6 yards more purchased than used. I am hoping to crack the 100 yards used by the end of this month. I've started a Newfo for September, actually, make that 2 of them, that might help towards that 100 yards goal.
There is a new block of the week by Barbara Brackman that started yesterday. I read about it on Denise's blog yesterday here. She's such a good influence....... LOL!  I'm even using the same fabric collection, since I loved the way her block looked so much. So, I immediately ran, well make that walked quickly, up the stairs and pulled out my fabrics and made the block in the 45 minutes I had left before having to go to work.
The theme of the whole quilt is Grandmother's Choice and it will follow the history of the fight for the right to vote for women that took place in the early years of the last century. Did you know  that women in Canada didn't get the full right to vote until 1919? Women in Quebec, according to Wikipedia, didn't get that right until 1940! In the USA, the right to vote came in 1920. So, we've had this precious right to have a say in what goes on in the government of our countries for less than 100 years!! Every week, along with a block, there is going to be a bit of history about the fight for this right. I am an history nut, and love finding out the history of various times and countries. I am also, as everyone knows by now, a quilt nut, so what could be better than to combine the 2? I am going to try really hard to keep up with this one.
I'm linking up to Judy's Patchwork Times for the stash report and Kathy's Quilts for the stitchery report.


  1. I can stop reading the blog if you want to show a photo of my stocking! ;)
    Yes, we haven't been allowed to vote for very long. That's one of the reasons why it drives me crazy when people can't be bothered to go vote!

  2. Your stitchery project is lovely. Great start on the new Brackman quilt...I'll enjoy seeing your progress. I do miss seeing those stockings!

  3. I just love what you are doing with the stitchery blocks! Coloring them in is genius!!!

  4. I love the beautiful shading effect you achieved with the colored pencils :)

  5. The pencil on the hand sewn block is great. I am resisting the New Barbara Brackmen quilt and blocks. I may not last long as I see what others are doing.

  6. What beautiful embroidery, and a great sentiment. I have never used colored pencils, but did a project with crayons and it sure adds a lot to the project

  7. What a great idea to combine embroidery and coloured pencils...very fun and so beautiful!

  8. CATHY!!! I love it!! I'm so happy I'm such a good enabler...errr, I mean INFLUENCE on you!!! Your borders and promises block is super -- what an awesome idea to use the crayon tinting for that! And your block is beautiful -- and we did use one of the same fabrics exactly on the first block, just not in the same spot. I can't wait to see our two tops, side-by-side!!!! Have a fabulous, wonderful week!!! HUGS!!! :)


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