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Thursday 20 September 2012

Mystery Quilt went home today.

Last year the London Friendship Quilters Guild did a mystery quilt. Charlene asked me to quilt hers for her. She did hers in Christmas themed fabrics.
I like it because, although it is Christmas themed, it doesn't look exclusively Christmas, unless you look up close at the fabrics, where there are ornaments and snowmen and poinsettias.
I used a pantograph designed by Patricia Ritter called Christmas Doodle Tree. There is a wonderful website called Digitech Patterns which has hundreds, maybe even thousands of designs that can be purchased as downloads, which can then be re-sized and printed and then drawn out as pantographs. Some of them are very detailed and are obviously for the folks who have computer guided machines, but a lot are suitable for hand guided as well. It is going to be a fun reference to have for customers. They can go to the website and browse for a design they would like. I can then purchase and download the design, and then add  to my library something I might  not ordinarily choose myself.
I think the overall design of the trees is more visible on the back.
I've already purchased a few for some of my own quilts. This one is called Hotwheels which is going to be perfect for that Truck Quilt that I've done for Avery. Have I mantioned lately that I love the internet??????


  1. Oh...love that quilt...your are right...it doesn't look overly Christmas. I will bookmark Digitech patterns...that looks wonderful. I love the internet too.

  2. great quilt-love the idea of not being obvious Christmas too! going to have to check out Digitech-someday I might actually do the pantos I have!

  3. Cathy, you did a lovely, lovely job with this -- your quilting really makes the quilt! Great job!!! :)

  4. Love the hotwheels! Can't wait to see the quilt!


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