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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pieced backing......

I have to say here, that I am not a fan of pieced backings. They take up a lot of time that I'd rather spend on working on quilt tops. Plus, unless the pieces in the backing are accurately cut and pieced, they sag on the machine, and are really difficult to load onto the machine. However, having said that, I really didn't want to go out and buy a backing for Avery's truck quilt, so the only alternative was to piece it. Plus, I really wanted to use up the leftover squares from the layer cakes that I used in the top. So, pieced backing it is.
So, I searched through my fat quarters and fabrics for Avery friendly stuff, and found things I could use. The top left and right corners are actually meant for stuffed animals, or for appliques.  I don't think I'll ever use them for that, so I thought i would use them up here. There are also a couple of alphabet fat quarters in there too. Avery loves books, so I put a book fat quarter in. They live near a very large body of water, so I put in the sailboat. They have a chocolate lab, so I put in some fabric with lab puppies on it. And the maps of the world just because it fit with the colours and I had no idea what else to do with it and it balanced off the green on the other side. Looking at it now, I really like it. Oh, the blue and white fabric in the middle has all kinds of inspirational sayings on it. And now, it can go into the pile of my quilts that are waiting on my own personal Mount To-Be-Quilted.
I have to work this weekend, but before I go in, I'm going to do some cutting for my September Newfo.......... I really like that concept. LOL!! I just might have something to show come Monday's design wall post.


  1. I don't like making pieced backings or quilting with them either. I know it's a great way to use up fabric. I have a friend who makes her backs almost as elaborate as her fronts and then she quilts them on her domestic machine. Her quilts are so fun to see. Avery's quilt is so adorable.

  2. OH! I really like this ... it's very fun!!! I don't typically do pieced backings ... they scare me! LOL! :)

  3. I've never done a pieced backing either - although, now that I've seen yours, I may give it a try - sometime....
    I love how you've personalized the backing too - it may even act as an "I Spy" activity for Avery!

  4. How fun! Much more interesting than a plain backing! I've pieced a few, mostly when I had enough fabrics left over to use them.

  5. Great backing. I know they take time but it is very fun for kids. I might have to look in to the Newfo party.

  6. Pieced backings do take time, but they are such a nice way to clear things out. I always feel so virtuous moving out the oldies.

  7. He'll love the back as much as the front! :)


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