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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Not much quilting happening.....

It's that time of year when I can't bear to be indoors. I've waited all winter for this, and I just HAVE to get out and enjoy the glorious warm sun and summer breezes. I love the summer, and even the hot weather and the humidity don't bother me. Unless the air quality deteriorates, in which case I have to surrender and retreat to the house.

We're putting in a small vegetable garden this year. I've just started planting within the past week, so there isn't much to show for it, yet. I managed to get 2 rows of lettuce planted today, and 2 rows of multi-coloured carrots, with radishes in the same rows, to mark where they are, since the carrots take so much longer to come up. I used to have a gardening book that suggested doing this. Apparently it also helps in thinning out the carrots, as well. There are going to be 2 trellises across the width of the garden at the back. One for pole beans, and the other for cucumbers. The trellis across the short side of the garden has snow peas planted at the bottom of it. There is still spinach to put in, as well as yellow bush beans. I'm not sure if we'll be putting in tomatoes. The last 2 years in a row that we did tomatoes, they would set lovely fruit, start to ripen beautifully, and then would get some sort of fungus and would rot on the plant. We have lots of farms and farmer's markets quite close by where we can buy tomatoes for canning or freezing, if we decide to do that.

 There are two new Rhubarb plants. It might be a couple of years before we can get anything from them, but that's OK.

 I think there are a couple of little turnip plants just starting to peak through. I've never planted turnip before, so I don't have a clue what the new plants look like.

And I'm pretty sure these are snow peas just starting to break through. I love watching as the little plants start to grow. Weeding, on the other hand............... I might have to make a deal with my hubby. I'll do all the planting, if he does the weeding. I wonder if he'd go for it?


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  2. you are not alone. I have been spending my time in the garden and not with my sewing machine!

  3. So much patience and good timing required. Weeding is like ripping out seams...if the sun is shining I enjoy both.


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