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Saturday 12 May 2012

Making more diapers

 A month or more ago, Laurie asked if I could make Avery some more diapers. Originally I had made mostly fitted diapers that required some sort of fastening, and then a cover to go over them. Then there were maybe a dozen "Pocket diapers" that had snaps to do up all across the front, as well as down the front to adjust the sizing. The beginning of the diaper story is here. Avery is really busy, and really squirmy during diaper changes, so the separate diaper and diaper cover weren't working very well. And the snaps take longer to do up and undo than he is willing to stay still for. So I've amended the original pattern.
 I've left the snaps going down the front, so that size is still adjustable. They don't have to be done up at every diaper change. But the snaps across the front have been replaced with some good quality Aplix fastener, which is like Velcro, only more sturdy. The soft part of the Aplix goes right across the front of the diaper.
 Then the hook part goes on the inside of the back tab to do them up. It has a fairly strong hold to it. I sewed a same sized square of the softer size of the Aplix beside the hook part. And I must say that the Aplix is a whole lot easier to put on than all those snaps were.
It can be folded back onto it to prevent all the diapers snagging on each other during washing. Apparently this also helps the hook part of the Aplix tape last longer, and doesn't pick up as much lint and gook that velcro type tapes often do. I have 2 of them done, so far, out of the 10 I have cut out. I'm going to work on them some more before going in to work today and tomorrow. I'll be taking however many I have done up with us when we go see them next week for Avery's first birthday. That has to have been the fastest year of my life. How did he get to be a year old in what just seems like a couple of weeks?


  1. Okay. NOW I finally understand what you were talking about when you talked about 'making diapers'. I know Joc uses this kind ... but until last week, I didn't realize that they could be made and that the special fabric that's used could be purchased to make them! Kim showed my mom the "diaper aisle" at JoAnn's last week, when we went, and my mom brought two books (one on just different styles of diapers and one on an assortment of items like bibs, bags, bottle keepers, etc.) and a set of fabrics and the elastic and all kinds of things. Now BOTH the girls expect me to make ... well ... ALL of those things for them!! HAHA!!! There was a special tool to do the snaps (which is what Joc prefers)...do you have it? I'm finding this whole thing both a little daunting and a little fascinating, too! I'm SO glad to figure out that YOU'VE figured it out already!!!! :)

  2. DD2 makes and uses this type of diaper. With her 4, she has perfected her pattern to what works best for her. She even sells them on her etsy shop. I love this kind, no fussing with snaps on wiggle worm babies. :) And not nasty diapers in the landfill. There are some pretty cute fabrics available too.

    Good job Grandma. :)

  3. Sounds like you've been really busy with all of the different projects you have on the go!
    I don't have grandkids (yet), but I'm thinking that these re-usable diapers will be the way to go when the time comes...


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