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Sunday 30 October 2011

Stash Report October 30

Well, my purchase numbers went way up this week. That bolt of white that I ordered arrived. Fifteen yards at one swipe. Yikes. Good thing I'm not doing this in order to reduce stash, but just for curiosity, or I'd really be mad at myself right now. I've been doing a fair amount of sewing this past week, and also had a couple of finishes. One completely quilted and bound, and another to flimsy stage (pics tomorrow). I've picked out a fabric for backing, and am going to try and get that done this afternoon, but it will show up in next weeks numbers.

Used this week:                                                5.6 yards
Used this year:                                             119.7 yards
Purchased this week:                                      20.5 yards
Purchased this year:                                      156.5 yards
Balance:                                                                 36.8 more yards in than out.

There is more fabric coming this week, as well. I found a perfect fabric for the backing for Sweet Treats and couldn't resist. And that's it for today. Time to go make that backing. I'm linking up to Patchwork Times for the weely stash report.

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  1. LOL! You're my kinda gal. But you knew that already, didn't you?! :)


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