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Monday 10 October 2011

Design wall Monday Oct 10

There are a few more crumb blocks up on my wall today, and I've arranged them all up there, and put them all together as if they were going to be sewn together. There are 24 of them up there, and it so far measures 36" x 24". Not really big enough to do much with, just yet. But, there are lots more crumbs left from where these came from. So, as soon as I can see better, I'll get back at them.

I went and visited my sewing machine last night, after we got home from our Thanksgiving weekend. She was looking rather lonely, so I decided to sit down and figure out what, if anything, I could do with her. I quickly found out
 that any kind of precision sewing would definitely
 not be happening. But then I remember a project
I started last year, using crumbs and scraps and
 stings to piece together some wedge shapes in order to get an Endless Chain quilt going. I can see well enough to know when a piece of fabric is big enough to cover the needed space, and well enough to aim for the black line to sew on. So I can play some with these when the sewing bug bites.  I need 336 of these wedges, and I have 247 of them done already. Trimming will obviously have to wait. But, the added bonus will be to help shrink the amount of stuff in my odd shapes and crumbs scrap drawer. I've been thinking I should sit down sometime and go through this drawer and sort of sort it out. Well, doing these wedges will do that. And, if I get these done, I might start one of Bonnie Hunter's quilts called Out on a String. I made one of these shortly after she published the pattern, and would like to do another.

And now, I'm going to link up to Judy's Patchwork times and then go out and do some knitting on the porch, and enjoy the fabulous, record breaking warm weather.


  1. The crumbs are looking good! Chaotic, but a good chaos. :) I hope your cataract surgery goes well so you can get back to sewing.

  2. Cathy, I love your crumbs!! What are you knitting on these days?! Glad you had a marvelous Thanksgiving weekend and got in some Avery time! Hugs! :)

  3. I love your crumbs, they're great! I can't link up with Jo's Country Junction because I waited too long, but I'm having fun, too, making the blocks! Glad I found you, and I love the scripture verse on your header.


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