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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Crumb along

I've been playing with crumbs this evening, and having a blast. This weeks assignment from Jo who is hosting the "Crumb Along", and where there is a linky party that I'm going to hook up with, showing other people's crumb blocks, was to use triangles in the squares. I think these are my favourites, so far, and will probably do the bulk of the rest of my blocks using them in various ways. I think the constant colour in these squares is going to be the greens. I have tons of these little green triangles left from trimming the Rose Log Cabin quilt I did a few months ago. I am hoping to be able to do a lot more of these next week. Jo says we need at least 50 blocks for what she is guiding us to.But, that is going to depend on the results of the cataract surgery tomorrow, and if I can find a pair of drug store reading glasses that will work for me. I suspect the two eyes are going to need different strengths. So, I'm seriously thinking of buying a pair of each of the strengths I need, both pairs having the same frames. Then I can hopefully pop out, and exchange the lenses to the ones I need to make a pair that will work. It's worth a try, anyway. And now, since it is 11:45 pm, and I can't have anything to eat of drink after midnight, I'd better go and have a drink and a snack while I can.


  1. I am loving these crumb blocks! I am not participating but I sure am enjoying seeing them.

  2. Excellent job on the new crumb blocks! It's fun to look at the fabrics - love that jellybean fabric!
    Good luck with the surgery - rest your eyes so they heal up fast and you'll be back sewing before you know it!

  3. These were fun!! I am going to make a couple of more today. Yours look so nice. Love them all!!

  4. The bottom left is my favorite. I haven't made a block like that. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Cathy, I hope your cataract surgery goes well. You are in my prayers! And your crumb blocks are really cute, too! Hugs!! :)

  6. Beautiful blocks Cathy. I'm really enjoying the process of making them. Good luck with your surgery. *hugs*


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