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Monday, 7 March 2011

Design Wall Monday Week 10

I have finally finished preparing and glue basting the second block of the My Tweets BOM. I am so totally enjoying doing Erin's designs. I love the graceful curves of the stems, and of the feathers of the birds' tails. I know some people call applique the "A" word, as if it is something bad, and to be avoided at all cost. But, the more I do of it, the more I enjoy it. I love the way My mind can go quiet, and wander where ever it wishes to go, while I quietly stitch. I do a lot of the stitching at work, on supper and coffee breaks, and it is amazing how it can take my brain, and just settle it into calm paths as I stitch. The only snag is that the cataracts in my eyes are getting noticeably worse, and everything has shadows and halos around them, which is making the stitching, and especially the
needle threading, a challenge.

The other occupant of my wall is the quilt I am doing as my #1 in the Ufo challenge, which is the Hexagon baby stars for the upcoming grandson. I am hoping to get all the rows sewn together tomorrow, and maybe even the borders added to it as well. To see more design walls, go on over to Patchwork Times Judy has a quilt up on her wall that she is going to turn into a pattern that I would love to add to my want to do someday list.


  1. I love both of your projects. The Tweets BOM is so cute.

  2. Both are beautiful. The Hexagon Baby Stars is mesmerizing, like one of those pictures that change depending on what part you focus on. I really like that.

  3. The appliqué block is amazing!

  4. I always like looking at your applique pieces-so pretty!
    love the hexagon stars top too!

  5. Love both of these projects. But you know I think your applique is spectacular.


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