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Thursday 15 April 2010

Growing to-do list

Well, I've officially added yet another task to my to-do list for this wedding. Becca and I went out to finalize the flower arrangements, and, while we were out, decided to use the time to get a few other things done. She had yet to decide what to do about a veil, so, off to the bridal shop we went. She has decided, after looking at the samples in the store, that she wants a short, single layer basic veil with a little bit of beading around the edge. The store, for this piece of tulle, probably less than a yard of fabric in it, has the audacity to want $250.00. For a piece of tulle that would, maybe, be $10.00 a yard. I nearly choked. I had gone in the store thinking, we may as well buy it, rather than me make it, since I'm already rather overloaded, but, there is no way on this earth I'm paying that. So, guess what else I'm doing. (sigh) Cutting it out, and gathering it onto the comb is a piece of cake. A little hand gathering, a little hand sewing, and that is done. It is the beading that she wants that will take the time. Ah, what a mother does......... I had already, almost a year ago now, gone out and bought a whole pile of different beads, at the time thinking that I would be making her dress myself. I must confess to being glad that she found, and bought her perfect dress. But, I still have all these beads. Looks like they will be getting used.

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  1. I'm sure yours will be stunning and so much more meaningful for your daughter.


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