Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Friday 9 April 2010

Another start

I can't believe how long this crazy cold is hanging on. I've been to the Doctor, who says there is nothing to do but wait it out. (groan). I know antibiotics don't work on viruses, so there is no point taking any, but this is getting quite tiresome. On a positive note, I've decided that the half hexagon quilt is indeed finished. And, since I have no energy for doing anything else, I've started another quilt, as if I need an excuse to do that. It's from Judy L's site Patchwork Times, and it is her Freeze Frame, that she set up as being able to do in one hour increments. I like that format. It is all from stash fabric. I ordered a lot of fabric after Christmas, when Thousands of Bolts were having a sale, and am finally starting to use some of it. ( I really do need to figure out how to put links into my posts).
There was no way I could pass up fabric at $3.00 a yard, including shipping, and duty and Canadian taxes when it crossed the border. At least, that was my excuse. The reality is probably closer to I would have bought it anyway, just not as much. (giggle). Actually, this is my retirement savings plan - except it is fabric, not cash, I'm saving for my retirement, which does do a bit of a number on cash savings, but then, I won't need to spend it later. Oh boy, I'm really getting "out there" with the rationalizations now, aren't I? Ah well, I'm going to go play for awhile, and I guess I should throw in some laundry to go while I play.


  1. sorry the cold is hanging on but fabric therapy can't hurt! and look at you go sewing up another top, you are the fastest piecer in the west or east or whatever!

  2. You need to get over that cold right NOW!!! I love your Freeze Frame....I need to make myself one now, I gave mine away yesterday. I really like the yellow background.


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