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Monday, 5 April 2010

Design wall Monday April 5

I've spent the last couple of days, (in between sneezing and hacking and coughing- rotten cold), playing with my 5 inch charms and 2 1/2 inch scraps, and cutting half hexagons. Then, the fun part was arranging them on the wall. Looking at the picture, I can see a couple of areas where there are too many darks together. But, other than that, it is close to be ready to sew. The trick is going to be sewing it together without mixing up the placements of the fabric. I'll have to do some labeling of the pieces, I think, to make sure they stay in order as I sew. That is the next task on my list for today. I should be working on a bridesmaid dress, but my mind won't focus enough to do that. There are pattern alterations needed, which means I need to be thinking clearly, before I tackle that.


  1. This is WAY more fun than a bridesmaid dress!! Great project!

  2. Looks beautiful - and maybe take a few pictures as a guide if you lose track of the placement. I just did my red trick and looked at your placement through it (it's my quilter's gauge and not meant for this, but anything red & transparent will work). Once you take away the colors and only go by value, you can see you have some flowers in there (left upper quadrant). Not that you need my rambling - just a thought. And get well!

  3. Wonderful half hexagons - I have only worked with full hexagons but this looks very interesting.

  4. Cathy that is a very cool quilt has an antique-y look to me--which I luv! hope your cold leaves you in a hurry! :)

  5. A girl after my heart! I love this pattern. I label each row, stack each row separated with an index card...then rubber band every ten rows. They stay in a shoe box next to the machine and are used as "leaders and enders" (idea from Bonnie Hunter). I leave the labels on so I don't mix up the rows later.


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