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Friday 23 April 2010

Bridal veil update

Becca and I went out today to buy the rest of the supplies to make her veil. So far, the fabric, an ivory organza, cost $5.95. The lace and the beaded trim to go around the edge, cost $8.95. So, total cost for her bridal veil so far is, wait for it.............. $14.90. I still have to get the comb that it attaches to. So, she'll get a veil, probably for under $25.00. The bridal store wanted $250.00. Something wrong with that picture. I have the lace pinned on already, but then had to leave to go to work. I'm hoping to get the lace sewn on tomorrow, at which time I'll post a pic. Her bridal shower is on May 1st, at which time I'll be able to post pictures of her wedding quilt, which I'll be giving her then. My son, Noel, and his wife, Laurie, are coming down for the day of the shower, and it will be so nice to see them have the whole family together again. The last time we saw them was for Noel's Grandma's funeral, so it will be nice to be together for a happy occasion. I also got the decorations for the chairs on the ends of the aisle, for the ceremony,  figured out, and I'll post a pic of those tomorrow too. The wedding  is getting so close, and getting really exciting. Seven weeks to the wedding. Six weeks until my dear friend and sister in the Lord, Susan arrives. She says she has to be here to keep me sane, although it is questionable whether I am sane now. (giggle). She has also promised to stop me from climbing the walls, and generally falling apart. And, if I do fall apart, she'll help pick up the pieces. I haven't seen her in almost 8 years. We talk all the time on facebook chat, but, it's not the same, although it's a whole lot better than the years of expensive long distance phone calls and waiting for "snail mail". We are "kindred spirits" and I miss her terribly. She'll be here a week before the wedding, and stay for 2 weeks after. YIPPEE!!! We can talk, and have tea, and sit in the yard, and sew and quilt, to our hearts' content. I wonder what it will be like to talk without the facebook chat timelag, and waiting to read what the other has written? I wonder if we'll run out of things to talk about? Probably not, since it hasn't happened yet, after 24 years, 18 of which, she has lived either in New Bruswick, or Alberta, after moving away from London. True friendship like this is a gift from God, to be cherished and for which to be thankful.


  1. looking forward to the veil and quilt pics-
    good friends are priceless gifts for sure.

  2. I am with you on the unreal prices for anything wedding related. Good for you doing it yourself - and yes: pic's, please!
    As for friends far away: well, I am an immigrant myself and despite email it's just not the same. Though: you find out pretty quick who your real friends are...sometimes hard to swallow. Anyways, enjoy the company of your friend!! Myself: I am looking forward to the end of August to meet a German friend in Seattle :)


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