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Sunday 14 February 2021

Slow Sunday Stitching

 I’ve worked almost exclusively on cross stitch and embroidery this past week. I have four projects going now, one embroidery and three cross stitch. It’s a good thing I never committed to only doing one at a time because I would have broken that commitment by now. But I know myself well enough not to say that sort of thing.

The seventh release of Noah’s Journey came out at the beginning of the week. So I got it traced out and coloured. This is a two block section. I have one of them almost finished. I just have to do the flowers and leaves on the top of the sheep’s head.

I’ve also made progress on the Millefiori Mandala cross stitch project. I’m keeping up with this, so far. Part 4 was released a week ago and I am part way through that.

The Victoria Sampler Facebook group is doing a monthly sampler type thing. A small portion of the monthly design is released weekly on Fridays for the first 3 weeks of each month. I finished February’s yesterday.

And then there is the new project, also from Victoria Sampler. One of our slow stitchers is also working on this and when I saw the picture of hers I sort of fell in love. It is a challenge to do. Lots of new stitches and also lots of different type threads from what I’ve used before. But I am loving doing it. There are nine little tiny birds in the tree. They are done with a single strand of silk thread over a single thread of fabric. I have never done anything that delicate before. I have one more bird left to do before I can move on to the next element. I am finding the instructions with this sampler very good and am planning on doing it step by step as it is presented in the instructions. 

And now for our big news that has been going on in our lives. We live with our daughter and son-in-law in a granny flat type apartment. Our son-in-law started a new job in January. The job is in the Muskoka region of Ontario. So we are all going to be moving. The house we are in now sold this past week, so there is a new adventure in our future. It’s very exciting, especially since we all love that area of our province. They are now on the search for a new home for all of us up there. 

I’m going to link up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. It's more fun to work on several different things. You don't get bored that way.

  2. LOVE those sttching projects Cathy! I don't dare look at the site though - I already have 3 UFO stitching projects, plus the quilting and knitting ones in various parts of the house...
    And your news? WOW! I was expecting some very different news... Will this move bring you closer to your son and grandson?

  3. Wonderful stitcheries, especially the tree, awesome.


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