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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Slow Stitching

 I’m continuing the rotation of projects. I must confess that I really enjoy doing my projects this way. Each one gets its assigned day and none get left behind. I finished this month’s blocks for Noah’s Journey. Finishing that means I get more time to work on my Mandala Millefiori and more excitingly, my Family Sampler. 

Here are the sheep and the goats from this month’s Noah’s Journey.

The Millefiori Mandala step 5 is up in the top left corner of the finished design. I worked on it a bit last night after my eyes started going all wonky. And here is the Family Sampler.

 I worked on it quite a bit yesterday until I finally had to stop due to the previously mentioned wonky eyes. I’m working on another pulled thread section and looking back and forth between the fabric and the stitching instruction diagrams were the cause of those wonky eyes. The pulled thread section is at the bottom of this picture. I have to say that before I did this piece I had never done pulled thread work before. There are some really good youtube videos put out by the Victoria Sampler ladies which were a huge help in doing this. This is currently section 18 out of 29.  Not bad considering I started this at the beginning of February. 

I’m going to post this and link up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.Then it will be time for lunch and more stitching. I suspect having fresh eyes and daylight will help with finishing that section of pulled thread work. 


  1. You have some very interesting projects going on! What a neat way to have a nice variety all going at the same time

  2. I am not surprised your eyes need a little rest and some bright daylight. Your Family embroidery is amazing. So much beautiful detail and stitching you have completed.

  3. Your pulled thread work is beautiful!

  4. Fun projects Cathy! I love samplers, but my eyes really go wonky and it makes me woozy and dizzy to strain them so I've had to give up cross stitch. But, I do love embroidery. I also rotate projects to rest my hands and eyes to different tasks and using different muscles :-). Even with sewing, I cut for awhile, stitch for awhile, get up and iron for a while....that works well for me. We must be getting older eh? lol

  5. Your projects are coming along so well, they look wonderful.


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