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Customer Quilts 2015

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Slowly getting it all done......

I'm slowly working my way down that list I made last week. Very slowly, considering I had to dig it out from underneath a bunch of stuff before I could remind myself what was on it.  The thing that's taking the largest amount of time is this quilt belonging to Amy. It is being custom quilted, with lots of starts and stops and end tying and burying. But it is also a whole lot of fun to do. There are feather swags in the sash areas, and a round feather thing in the corner stones, neither of which can be seen here. I will get pictures of it when it is done. I do have other customer quilts to show as well. I just need a chunk of time to edit up the pictures. And then, there is the row quilt final instructions to write up. And I would love to have my version of it finished and quilted before the next meeting. I'm not sure if that will happen or not. I'll at least get it all put together. But the big priority tonight is to get the last of my Disappearing Four Patch blocks done for the swap Jannette and I are doing.  They were supposed to be done and in the mail by the end of April. They will be finished and in the mail by tomorrow.... only six days late...... However, if I don't get off this computer, and out of this chair, they will not get done.........

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