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Friday 26 December 2014

On, or rather, off my needles.....

Or in this case, not on the needles because it's done! My Carabe sweater is finished. All of the ends are sewn in. It needs blocking and buttons and then it will be 100 percent finished and wearable.
 Next up is going to be this cowl, from a pattern in a magazine I was given for Christmas. I showed the picture of the cowl to my daughter, who agreed that it is lovely, and would like it, except that could I please make it longer. I looked at the pattern, saw that it had a pattern repeat of 15 stitches, and said sure, I can do that, just by increasing the number of stitches cast on by 50%. I cast it on yesterday, worked up to the first section of wrapped stitches, and discovered that, instead of it being a fifteen stitch pattern repeat, it's a 30 stitch repeat, and I was fifteen stitches short of the amount needed. So, it has been all ripped out and is waiting to be cast on, again......... sigh!!
It's that time of year, to look back and see exactly what was or was not accomplished. It never occurred to me at the beginning of this year, to set any knitting goals, so I didn't have anything in mind, just kept knitting as the mood took me. The mood took me to the Carabe sweater, pictured up above, and to an On the Grass sweater, a Fly Away Hoodie and a Pinery pull over sweater, all started and finished this year. In addition to the sweaters were four pairs of socks. I had no idea when I started looking all this up for the summary in this post that I'd done that much knitting!! There were several pairs of slippers in there, as well. So, as far as knitting goes, this not setting goals seems to work for getting things accomplished. I have lots of stuff saved in my favourites on Ravelry, but none of them are calling me loudly right now. After all, how many sweaters can a girl use? Maybe I'll get my daughter to look through them and see if there are any she wants. Or, I could use the time I've been knitting for hand piecing quilting projects. Except that, come the evening on some days, my hands want to be busy, but my eyes don't want the fine detail of hand stitching, so we're back to knitting. I'll do the cowl...... all 240 stitches to cast on........ and go from there. It's an easy yarn choice, since I have 3 or 4 hanks of the yarn I used for On the Grass left over.  Then, I have some bulky weight yarn that might work for another pattern in this magazine. And then......... who knows.....


  1. Oh Kathy! That is such a beautiful sweater! I'm so envious!! I'm looking forward to seeing the cowl done!!!

  2. Beautifully done. Great accomplishments in the knitting area.

  3. Your sweater is lovely -- you did a great job!! The cowl is pretty too . . . have fun pulling it together!! :)


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