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Friday 7 February 2014

On the Needles Feb. 7, 2014

I've got a pair of socks on the needles right now. The same ones I started last week, but they've grown considerably. This is a yarn from Manos Del Uruguay. I think the brand name, or sub group name is Alegria, and the colour is Columbina. I really like the way the colours are curling around the socks. These are my watching TV during the olympics project. I can do them without thinking, except for turning the heel, and I can more or less fell my way when knitting them, so I can watch the TV as much as looking at the knitting needles. When I get to finishing the toes, I'll have to break out the how to do Kitchener stitch youtube video again, since I still haven't got it fixed in my head how to do it yet. 
I'm going to Gail's for a sewing afternoon tomorrow, and am planning on stopping off at a yarn shop there to see if I can pick up another hank or two of the yarn for my Pinery sweater. One of the things I learned before I ripped it out was that I had enough to do the sleeves when the sweater was too small, but if I do it in the right size, I might not have enough yarn. There's a store in St Thomas called The Little Red Mitten, which is where I got this sock yarn, and I noticed they had the yarn I was using for the sweater.  Hopefully they still have some. Then I'll feel confident about starting that project over again.
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  1. Your socks are fantastic. I think they look a bit partiotic. I can't imagine being able to knit socks without looking at the needles. You really must be a proficient sock knitter. I'm just learning and I can't handle those 4 needles yet WITH yarn on them! lol (I'm not joking).

  2. These socks are *so* cute!! They look soft and warm, too -- just what's needed during days like these!!! :)

  3. LOVE your socks - especially the yarn! I have one sock almost completed, but struggle to knit socks in the winter, as I tend to wear sweaters a lot, and routinely get the needles caught in my sweater - and then the stitches fall off or get pushed off somehow... I still need to get the directions out for grafting the toes all the time too - it just doesn't seem to stick in my head.


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